Computer Guy
Riverside, CT
(203) 912-9698

PCs and Macs
Need to order a new computer?
I'll help you choose the right options—for what you want to do.
Is your computer slow... or acting weird?
I'll diagnose the symptoms, and fix it so it does what you need.

Are you trying to connect several systems to the Internet, to a printer,
or to each other?
This may be simple or complicated. I'll describe your options, and set up what you want.
Are you worried about viruses, security, and being infected?
Many people think they are safe since they order systems with security features, but manufacturers often ship computers with these features turned off because the computers are easier to set up. I'll tell you how your systems are configured ..
and help protect you from attacks.
Do you need confidential coaching, or a private introduction on
how to use your computer?
It can be like learning to drive a car... maybe you don't want to know everything that's going on under the hood. I've helped business owners, artists, teachers, families, students, and kids get their computers to do what they want to do—whether it's spreadsheets, artwork, music, proposals, homework, etc. I try to help you.
(203) 912-9698
Riverside, CT